Learn how to create  Pinterest images that impress your users

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos.

More and more people spend time searching, pinning and sharing the most interesting pins with their friends, not only on Pinterest, but across Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

As Pinterest is a visual medium,  it’s very important to continuously update your account with images that impress users at first glance, either by catching their interest with nice picture of your products, funny quotes, special offers interesting facts about your products or services.

Zoniz Social Media Marketing Platform is a free on-line service you can use to create, manage and distribute your social media campaigns using pre-defined images and social media campaign templates.

You can choose from Zoniz library of professionally designed themes and templates to create customizable images that that attracts attention, therefore bring more pins and subscribers.

Starting from base templates you have the option to change the templates with your images, text or add your own logo on all images, to carry carry on your company look’n’feel in case people will pin it on different walls.

If you don’t have the perfect images that represent your business, Zoniz is integrated with a stock image library, from where you can purchase and use photos to create better personalized images.

Let’s explore a few ways on how you can create images for your Pinterest account and keep your pinners happy:

1. Add customer testimonials

Pinterest marketing tips

2. Tell stories about your business

How to promote on Pinterest - Tell story about your business

3. Add pricing directly on products

Pinterest Marketing Ideas - add pricing on images

4. Brand all your images with your logo

How to use Pinterest for marketing - brand your images with logos

5. Promote new products

Pinterest Marketing Tools - Zoniz Social Media Marketing Platform

6. Create Pinterest contests

Pinterest marketing secrets - Create contests for Pinterest only

7. Add secret sale coupons

Pinterest marketing tip - Add secret sale coupons

8. Explain how your products are different


9. Post tips and tricks


No matter what business are you in, you can easily create and customize all images, without the  help of a graphic designer. More important, you’ll find in Zoniz templates that gives you ideas and inspiration on what to post on Pinterest for maximizing your presence.

If you want you to enhance your Pinterest account with better content, sign-up  for a free account at Zoniz Social  website now. 

For more details on how Zoniz can help your Pinterest marketing contact us today.

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