Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants and bars

There is so much to do this days to promote a restaurant or bar that most owners gets frozen at the starting point. And if your restaurant or bar is not dedicated to the new generation, the it gets even more complicated.

Here are a few tips on how to market your restaurant Facebook page:

1. Present your team

Introduce your team on your Facebook page so the people start to get to know them. Don’t forget social media is all about people and their connections to other people, so show your customers the people that keeps your restaurant running.

Facebook marketing ideas for restaurants and bars

2. Add behind the scene photos

Show to people what’s going on in your kitchen, how food is getting cooked and how much attention you pay to details. We’re sure you have nothing to hide, so be open and show people what’s going on behind the closed doors.

Facebook marketing secrets for restaurants and bars

3. Use recommendations

Ask your customers to leave recommendations on your Facebook Page. They are a great way to show new people that visit your page what’s other people has to say.

Facebook marketing campaigns for restaurants - use recommendations

4. Tell them about your restaurant history

It’s fascinating how an empty place becomes a warm place where people meet, laugh, eat and have a good time. What’s your restaurant history? Why did you started it the first place? Share your stories with your people, staff, visitors.

Guide to using Facebook for restaurants and bars - describe restaurant history

5. Tell your customers about special ingredients you are using

Most restaurants use special ingredients or recipes that can be found only within that location. Special spices, good meat, local sourced vegetables or secret deserts. Don’t forget that your customers sometimes like to impress friend on dinner or night out, so give them a reason to talk about your restaurant!

How restaurants are using Facebook - describe special ingredients used in recipes

6. Explain all the extra services you provide 

Do you do catering? Do you deliver food on lunch time? Do you offer vegan or vegetarian meals?

Sometimes you’d expect your customers to know all this, but most often they have no idea and they choose to go or order from the places they are certain about this services.

Facebook for restaurants guide - describe your extras services

As a final advice try to be as open as you can about your restaurant, your staff and we guarantee people will pass by if they like what they see on your Facebook Page!

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