Marketing on Facebook for restaurants and bars

Here are a few tips you can keep your restaurant Facebook page updated with interesting content.

1. Provide wine and meals pairings from your menu

We’re pretty sure you know what goes best with the meals from your menu. Why not offer a few tips for your customers on how to pair food with wine?

wine +meal

2. Post cooking tips from your chef

What’s the best way to cook specific meals from your restaurant?  Ask your chef to post a few tips on cooking those meals. You might have a few courageous people that will try to replicate your meals at home.

Marketing with Facebook for restaurants - post cooking tips

3. Post testimonials from happy customers

We’re sure you’ve got some happy customers out there, so ask them to leave a word about their experience on your restaurant.  They can do that directly on your Facebook page.

Marketing using Facbeook for restaurants - using testimonials

4. Post party ideas starting from your catering menu

Guide people on some party ideas based on recipes from your menu. Provide themes that can help people make a fun night using your services.

Facebook page tips for restuarants - post party ideas

5. Ask your chef what’s his favorite recipes

We’re sure your chef can provide a few recipes people can try at home.

Social marketing on Facebook for restaurants - post chef's recipes

6. Post recipes from your customers

Ask your customers to post their favorite recipes. Perhaps you can ask your Facebook fans what’s the oldest recipe they know from their grandmothers. Go ahead, create a community around your page.

Market using Facebook for Restaurants - post recipes from users

7. Post images with your staff at work

Don’t be shy, take a few photographs with your staff at work an post it on your Facebook page.

Marketing on Facebook for restaurants - post images with your staff

We hope you got inspired by this ideas. If you would like to promote your restuarant on Facebook, you can use Zoniz Social Media Marketing Platform. We have a free plan, so why not start today! Click here to start promoting today.

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